Homeless woman found in car on I-5


The homeless woman found abandoned in a car on Interstate 5 in Tacoma was pregnant, authorities said Friday.

Police identified the woman as Stephanie R. Rivet, of Bellevue, Wash.

She was taken to a local hospital after being found in the back seat of a vehicle.

Rivet was taken in a medically induced coma for treatment, police said.

She is being treated at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Police say Rivets car was found abandoned at about 8:30 p.m.

Friday on the eastbound side of the interstate near Exit 6.

She suffered minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to Harborview, where she is expected to be released soon.

Seattle police spokeswoman Lt.

Stephanie Peebles said officers had a brief conversation with the driver before they approached the vehicle.

“It’s unfortunate, but this is a pretty normal thing for us to be dealing with,” she said.

Peebles declined to provide details about the driver or what happened to the car, citing the investigation.