How a pregnant woman was killed and the man who killed her


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A pregnant woman, who had recently been hospitalized, had been killed by her husband, a man she was pregnant with.

His death was investigated by a criminal investigation unit, and his family were told to not tell anyone.

They didn’t tell anyone either, so the husband did not know who killed the woman.

It was a case of mistaken identity.

What happened next was a crime of negligence.

When she called the police, the police officers had no idea that she was a pregnant mother, and when she told them, they thought she was lying.

The next day, the family was informed by a police officer that they were responsible for the woman’s death.

I didn’t want to think about what I was doing to my wife.

A family member, who was present at the time, told the police that he did not kill the woman because he was a bad husband.

They took her to the police station, and they didn’t think it was necessary to bring her back to them.

They were told that the woman had been lying in the hospital for a few days.

The police officers asked if she wanted to get married again.

She didn’t.

The next day she was taken to a hospital where she died.

It was a tragic accident.

My wife had been working at a nearby factory, and we were very close.

When she came home from work, she brought me some milk.

During the day, she came to visit us.

But then she started having problems.

After she got sick, she was hospitalized.

She was pregnant.

We had two children, a boy and a girl.

I asked her, ‘Why are you not working?’

She said, ‘Because my husband doesn’t like me.’

I asked her if she had any problems with her husband.

She said that she had been a good wife to him, and he had a bad temper.

Her family did not believe her, and she was told to get her husband to come home.

Then they took her home, and my wife was brought to a house.

One of the children was crying, so she told me, ‘If you take me to the house, I won’t cry anymore.’

So I took her into the house.

There, I brought her to a room where I asked, ‘Can I have your husband to give me some bread?’

She gave me some of the bread.

At that time, she had a fever.

She fell in the bathtub.

When the doctor went to her, he found her lying in a pool of blood.

While the police were interviewing her husband’s family, she died, and that was it.

On the evening of the next day when the family members went to visit her, they found her dead.

There was no evidence to support her death.

She had been murdered.

For six months, my wife and I had been living a very hard life, and our situation was bad.

But the police didn’t even investigate the murder.

Even though I didn’t kill her, I had a wife who was a poor woman.

Now my family is not in a good place, and I am a poor man.

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