Pregnant women fart in public, cops say



(AP) An Oregon police officer says he believes pregnant women are using the restroom in public in public restrooms.

Officer Michael Hwang told The Associated Press that he thinks pregnant women using public restrooms is a big problem, especially in rural areas.

He said the department is trying to work with the community to figure out what they need to do to better protect themselves.

Police say an Oregon police department is cracking down on pregnant women who have used public restrooms in public.

They said the officers have been issued “uniforms, Tasers, pepper spray and flash bangs” to make them aware of the dangers.

Police told The Oregonian/OregonLive that officers have issued officers Tasers and pepper spray in the past to address the behavior.

The department is also asking women to change into pants or shorts and put on a helmet.

Police are also making officers wear face masks and wearing protective gear to protect themselves in public and in the workplace.

The Oregon Department of Justice says that when it comes to public restroom use, Oregon law says that it is illegal to “lie, defraud, or engage in conduct likely to produce fear, alarm, or apprehension in a person in the presence of a public or private place.”

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