Slain pregnant women style: Pregnant Women Glow


People are now trying to style their babies after the news of the death of a pregnant woman.

According to the report, a woman named Rajat Gupta was found dead in a rented flat in Pune, Maharashtra, on March 24.

She had been suffering from depression for some time and her condition was deteriorating rapidly.

Gupta had been living in the same flat as her husband who had also been struggling with depression.

Her husband, who is known as the “pregna” in Maharashtra, is now being treated at a private hospital.

The couple had three children.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, a relative of the deceased, who was not identified, described Gupta as “a happy and healthy person who was very close to her family and loved everyone.

The family is devastated by her sudden death.”

According to local media, the family had taken the family to the nearby forest on March 25 for a wedding.

According to local reports, Gupta’s husband had recently come out of a coma.

The police are yet to confirm the cause of Gupta’s death.

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