What do you think of pregnant women tattooed on the back of the back?


A pregnant woman in South Korea was recently spotted wearing a pregnancy symbol tattooed to her back.

The tattoo, which is similar to the one worn by actress and rapper Jang Soo Soo, was done by a tattoo artist who works under the name Jang Myung.

Jang said she had the tattoo done by her friend in order to get her pregnant in the future.

“I have been pregnant before and I got pregnant a few years ago.

But when I was pregnant with my second child, my boyfriend was looking for a girlfriend, so I asked my mother for a tattoo,” she told The Associated Press.

The tattoo is made up of three symbols, and the first one is a star.

“The star represents the mother, the sun, and love,” Jang added.

“In the same way that a pregnant woman can receive the blessing of the mother through her body, the pregnant woman also has the blessing from the sun and the moon.”

Jang’s friend, Kim Yoo Suk, said she was surprised at the tattoos.

“She is definitely a very nice woman,” she said.

“She was a very caring person, and I hope she will be a good mother.”

Kim said she is still considering whether she should go ahead with the tattoo.

“But right now, I don’t think I should do it,” she added.

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