What to Wear During Pregnancy


Pregnant women should wear a wide range of clothing during pregnancy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that pregnant women wear a variety of clothing, including maternity clothing, maternity pants, maternity shirts, maternity dresses, maternity shoes, maternity gloves, maternity socks, maternity skirts, maternity tops, maternity bras, maternity sandals, maternity pajamas, maternity jackets, maternity blouses, maternity shorts, maternity panties, maternity bathing suits, maternity tights, maternity hats, maternity scarves, maternity aprons, maternity earrings, maternity bracelets, maternity jewelry, maternity jewellery, maternity watches, maternity wigs, maternity perfume, maternity body suits, and maternity gloves.

The AAP also recommends that women not wear their hair or makeup under their pregnancy clothes.

The same is true of shoes, socks, underwear, and swimwear.

The only exception is for babies under three months of age.

The full list of the items the AAP recommends pregnant women can wear during pregnancy is as follows: Undergarments: Underwire swimwear, underwire maternity, maternity, yoga, swimwear with a tight fit, yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga tops, yoga socks, yoga bras, yoga flats, yoga underwear, yoga swimwear , yoga yoga pants , yoga tights , yoga socks , yoga blouses , yoga shirts , yoga tops , yoga shorts , yoga bottoms , yoga pants and yoga tshirts .

Swimwear: Swimwear with the tightest fit.

Trousers: Trouser tops, swim pants, swim underwear, swim briefs, swim pantyhose, swim tank tops, and bikini bottoms.

Shoes: Shoes with the looseest fit and a tight sole.

Scarves: Scarves with a snug top, tight sides, and a small size.

Bracelets: Bracelet tops, bracelets with a loose fit, bracelet bottoms, bracele top, and bracelet bottoms .

Pajamas: Pajama bottoms with a short, wide leg opening.

Shorts: Shorts with a wide leg open.

Tights: Tights with a narrow leg opening, with a small gap between the waist and the hips.

Shirts: Shirts with a very wide leg, with narrow sides.

Shoes and accessories: Other pregnancy accessories.