When Is the Pregnant Woman Murder Penalty Effective?


A pregnant woman has been found guilty of murder for killing her unborn child.

The woman, who is in her 40s, was charged with manslaughter after a baby girl was born with Down syndrome in September 2014.

The baby was killed by an overdose of hydrocodone.

A court in Liguria heard the woman, identified only as A., admitted to the murder, but denied harming the baby.

She claimed she had taken drugs which gave her an overdose and that she was unable to cope with her grief.

A. denied killing the baby, and said she could not have killed her unborn son because she had no choice.

A. had been pregnant for nine months and had been taking a drug which caused her to lose control and cause the death of the baby by overdosing on hydrocoda.

The mother also denied killing her son and had given birth to twins.

A prosecutor asked the judge if a death sentence would be appropriate, to which she replied: “No.

There are no rules in Italy.

You do not have to do it, it’s your decision.”

The woman was sentenced to life in prison.

A postmortem showed the baby died as a result of a combination of drugs, asphyxia and severe hypoxia.

Her body was found in a wooded area in the town of Rieti.

She is the first pregnant woman in Italy to be convicted of murder.

The case was investigated by the Piacenza prosecutor’s office, and she is also awaiting a sentence of six years in prison and a fine of €7,000.