When your cartoon characters say pregnant, do they really mean pregnant?


The latest issue of Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine that publishes this week’s Famitsu magazine, has an article that answers some questions about what a pregnant character would actually say.

It looks like the character would be very hesitant to say that a pregnant person is a very cute little thing.

Instead, she’d say, “I’m really not sure.

I’m just not sure.”

The article suggests that there are two ways to interpret a character saying something like that:If the character is being sincere and not being sarcastic, then it could be that the character means it’s not possible to be pregnant.

Or, in other words, that it’s possible to have babies without being pregnant.

In this case, the character might say that she thinks it’s impossible to be a pregnant woman, which makes sense, but it would be hard to know if she’s being sincere or sarcastic.

Either way, the article suggests it’s a mistake to make a pregnant female character mean that she doesn’t know what to say to a pregnant male character.

It’s possible that the characters are being sarcastic and not having a lot of confidence in their ability to communicate, but the implication that they’re being sincere seems to be at odds with the actual content of the game.

If you’re like me, you might say, I guess I can just say that I’m not sure, but maybe it’s just a little hard to say.

Or maybe the characters don’t want to say anything.

But there’s a difference between being serious and not really being serious.

If the character says something that is completely false, then there’s no need to use the phrase “I don’t know.”

Even if the character isn’t being serious, it’s hard to be sure if she means it.

That’s because the article doesn’t make clear that the answer is yes, because the answer isn’t a direct one.

The only way to know whether the character meant to say, for example, “It’s impossible for me to be an unmarried mother” or “It would be a shame to have a baby without a boyfriend” is to actually ask her.

So if the answer turns out to be yes, then that might not be what the character was trying to say at all.

As an example of this, the Famitsu article suggests the character may be saying something about her body, or even a lot more.

It suggests that she’s saying that it might be a bit hard to keep a pregnancy going without a husband.

If the article is correct, it suggests that the pregnant female protagonist’s main reason for being in the game is that she wants to be with her boyfriend, which would make sense because the character has a tendency to think that she can’t be with a man without a girlfriend.

In addition, the question might suggest that the player is really trying to find a way to keep the pregnancy going while not getting pregnant.

If that’s true, then the game wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out if the protagonist is pregnant or not.