Which Indian pregnant woman will make the most news this year?


As India prepares for its Independence Day celebrations, one pregnant woman has already left the country, as it turns out.

Indian-born Shree Rajan Singh, 39, has been detained for more than a month in the city of Goa after she was found to have given birth to a baby girl in August.

Her daughter, a 15-month-old baby girl, was born prematurely and died two weeks later, India’s government said.

Shree Singh, a native of the state of Goan, gave birth to the baby girl at the home of her husband in August, a state official said.

The baby girl died in a critical condition and the couple did not know she was pregnant until she was in the hospital.

The Goa Police, however, said Shree Singh had been detained because of her presence at the hospital for a few days.

She has been held in a local jail in the state for more then a month and is being monitored by medical staff.

“Shree Raja has been taken into custody after the death of the newborn,” the Goa police said in a statement.

The police added that she has not yet been charged and is undergoing a psychological assessment.

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