A pregnant homeless mother and her baby are now the centre of a controversy in the Philippines


A pregnant pregnant homeless women and her daughter have been the focus of a debate in the country after an alleged incident in which they were caught urinating on a homeless man’s face and body.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the homeless man had reportedly urinated on the homeless woman’s face, chest and legs, before a passerby intervened and removed the man’s pants.

The homeless man, whose name has not been released, was arrested for violating a public order ordinance and issued a fine of P10,000 ($US7) for urinating in public.

The incident took place last Wednesday in the Manila area, but it was not immediately clear whether the woman and her four-month-old baby had been involved in the incident.

The Philippine Daily News quoted a local police officer as saying the woman was arrested after the man had refused to leave her at a public park where he was camping.

The woman’s four-year-old daughter was not harmed during the incident, but the child’s mother was detained on suspicion of violating public order, police said.

“It’s difficult to describe the scene.

It was just unbelievable,” one local woman, who did not want to be named, told the Philippine daily.”

We heard screams, crying and a lot of screaming and screaming,” she said.

The police officer said the woman, a resident of Manila’s Quezon City, had been caught urinate on the man and his girlfriend, who was also a homeless person.

The officers who were stationed at the park reportedly called her a prostitute and told her to remove her clothes before the woman complied.

The officer said police officers took the woman to the police station to be questioned.

She is still awaiting her appearance in court, according to the local police.

The mother’s daughter, meanwhile, is still in hospital with a head injury, the local news agency reported.