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5,823 pregnant women have died this year and 1,912 pregnant women in the past five years have been infected with influenza.

The figure includes deaths, hospitalisations and laboratory tests.RTE News 5,880 pregnant women and their children have died in Ireland since December 1, 2014, with 1,940 people infected.

The figures have been published by the Department of Health.

The number of deaths from influenza has been increasing in Ireland, with the number of confirmed cases more than doubling from the same period last year.

In the past year, there have been 647 confirmed influenza cases and 1.7 million doses of influenza vaccine distributed.

The Government is working to get the number and type of flu shots distributed more quickly in Ireland.

In November, the Health Service Executive published figures showing that, between March and October, 4.3 million shots of the influenza vaccine were distributed in Ireland and more than 7 million doses were distributed nationwide.

The Health Service, the Department and other health bodies are working to deliver a timely, robust and effective vaccine package.

The department has said that the introduction of a universal influenza vaccination scheme is vital to reducing the risk of flu in the future.

Irish people are encouraged to get vaccinated to reduce the risk they may get flu.

The Department of Public Health is currently preparing a public health response plan to respond to influenza in the country.