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In November 2016, an American couple took their two daughters to a maternity ward in Singapore.

The girls were pregnant, and the doctor was concerned for their wellbeing.

“My partner and I had been to a hospital before and our daughter had just given birth,” he said.

“We were quite concerned about her health and we didn’t want to take any risk.”

He then took a camera and started filming.

When the doctor showed up to the ward, the two girls begged him to stop filming.

“I was really upset because I knew what the doctors were doing was illegal,” he told the ABC.

“It was clearly not the way to take a family’s health and wellbeing into account.”

After his daughter gave birth, the doctor told the parents that the doctors would not be able to give them a certificate to keep their daughter, because she was still a minor.

The couple took the case to the Supreme Court, and it found that the doctor’s actions had been in breach of the child welfare act.

The case was referred to the High Court, which ordered the doctor to remove his camera.

“The High Court decided that there was no legitimate reason for him to take that photograph,” Mr Chen told the news channel.

“There was no evidence of wrongdoing or a breach of child protection laws.”

A few days later, the couple’s eldest daughter returned to the hospital and said she too was pregnant.

The doctor was then ordered to give her a certificate, which she said she was unable to do because of a medical condition.

“He said, ‘If I take that away from you, I will never give you a certificate’,” the mother told News24.

“Then he said, I’ll give you one certificate for each day your daughter is still a child and that she’s still a legal minor.”

She said she also felt that the hospital was taking advantage of the couple and that he was being unfair to her.

“So I feel that I’m in a situation where I’m being treated as if I’m not human,” she said.

In February 2018, the High Commission for Human Rights issued a statement saying that the court had rejected the doctor in his case.

“As a result, the Court is satisfied that the law is not being enforced against the parents,” it said.

The mother, who is not identified in the statement, said she had not received a certificate.

“In the meantime, I don’t feel safe,” she told News23.

“Even if I don´t have a certificate I’m still a human being, I’m a person, and I’m pregnant.”

After her daughter gave her birth, her mother and daughter returned home.

“When we went out, I went up to her and hugged her, and she said, `Mommy, mommy, I am still a baby’,” she said in an interview with News24 last year.

It’s her mother.” “

If you were to take away the baby from her, it’s not my baby, it would be her.

It’s her mother.”

Ms Chen said she has been unable to talk to her daughter about the incident.

“This is the worst thing that can happen to a human, that they take advantage of a person’s human right to a healthy child,” she added.

The High Commission also said it would “ensure that no one is treated as a second class citizen”.

Ms Chen and her mother are now considering taking their case to a higher court.

The ABC has contacted the hospital for comment.

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