Woman running from spiders, pregnant woman pregnant


A woman who says she was bitten by a spider while out hiking near the city of St. John’s says she is pregnant and wants her baby girl back.

Catherine Pecan said she was hiking near Saint John’s Creek on Wednesday afternoon when she said she felt something crawling under her arms and back.

Pecann said she called 911 after feeling a “pinch” in her back and noticed her arms were aching.

She said she went into a deep breath and went to check on the woman.

She saw the woman had a small bite on her arm and the baby was crawling up her legs.

Pincher said the woman then tried to pull her arm away from her body and said “it’s fine.”

“She said, ‘Don’t worry, baby, it’s just an itch.'”

Pecamp said she put her arm out to try and get her baby out but the woman’s arms were too tight.

She pulled the arm away again and the woman continued to bite her.

Pregnant mother running from spider The Pecans have had three children, and Catherine Pechan said that the baby is due in June.

Catherine said she wants her child back.

“My baby is going to be with me.

I want her to be safe and healthy,” she said.

“If there is a way to get the baby out, I’m open to that.”

She also wants to get her own baby back.

The Pechans said they’ve been in contact with the police, who have asked them to be extra vigilant when hiking.