Chubby pregnant woman is the real deal


Chubby pregnancy woman is pregnant with twins!

We’re pretty sure the mother is a Japanese alien who has been abducted by aliens, and her babies are the result of this.

But, since the mother and her baby have already died, we can’t be sure that the alien babies are actually aliens, but only the mother.

We’ve also got the whole thing from a new Japanese podcast called “The Case of the Alien Pregnant Woman,” where the story is told through a series of interviews with the mother, and it sounds pretty convincing.

But there’s one hitch.

The mother is actually Japanese.

And the alien fetus is actually not alien at all.

The real deal?

Well, yes, the baby is actually actually human.

A couple of hours into the episode, host Saitama and producer Yoshihiro Shimono tell a story of an alien fetus that’s actually human, but the baby has been given away by aliens.

So, there’s the mystery solved.

And, since this is a new podcast, it was kind of hard to pick apart, but this is probably a very good idea.

This is one of those things that’s really hard to do, but it’s so worth doing.

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