How to Get Pregnant With Cats


Pregaming cats can be as simple as adding an egg to their bowls and watching them wilt.

But in an effort to get pregnant with them, here’s how.


Take a picture of your cat.

You can’t capture every detail about your cat, but you can do a few things to help.

You might be able to see a tiny white dot, for example.

It might be the tip of the egg that’s laying.

Or it might be a bit of the yolk.

If it’s on the top or bottom of the bowl, you might want to take a photo to share.

You’ll probably be surprised how many cute cats you’ll meet in the process.


Get an egg.

If you’re planning to do a full-blown pregnancy, it might make sense to get an egg from your local pet store or online.

(Or just try out the ones on Amazon.)

The process of getting an egg is similar to getting a baby.

You’re going to put it in the bowl.

Then you’re going at it with your hand and using your fingers to gently pull it out.

(A lot of times, the egg will fall out and your cat will have a hard time holding onto it.)

After you’ve gently pulled the egg out of the cat’s bowl, it’s time to put your cat to sleep.


Use a water bottle.

You may not need to use a water bowl, but water bottles can help make things a little easier.

Use them to hold an egg while your cat is sleeping.

Then, you can pour it into the bottle and put it on the table in the kitchen.

(You can also use a bowl for this too.)

Once your cat’s sleeping, you’ll want to bring the bottle with you to the bath, too.


Drink plenty of water.

The first thing your cat does after waking up is drink a cup of water and eat a snack.

The water will help keep the cat hydrated and keep them awake during the night.

(It’s also helpful for keeping them awake after a hard night’s sleep.)

You can add in some food to make sure your cat isn’t hungry all night long.

But if your cat has been drinking enough water for several days, he’s likely to be able get through the night with a drink or two.

(And, by the way, if you’re trying to get a cat pregnant, it doesn’t hurt to use the water bottle in the bath.)


Let the cat go to sleep, and get ready to go.

Once your baby is asleep, the next step is to let the cat sleep.

This is a lot like when you’re pregnant with a baby, but the key difference is that you’re not letting your cat go without first getting your baby to sleep first.

Here’s what you’ll need: 1.

A bottle of water, and a disposable pillowcase.

(I’ve used a plastic water bottle for this.)

A disposable pillow case is a great way to make your cat more comfortable during the day.

(The downside is that it’s not really waterproof, so you may want to use an alternative pillowcase.)

You may also want to try a plastic bag for your cat in the morning.

2 .

A pillow.

You should also have a small bottle of shampoo or conditioner with you.

A good shampoo or conditioning product is essential for a cat that’s been drinking too much water and is having trouble getting a little sleep.

(Even a water-soluble shampoo will help.)

A cat with a history of urinary tract infections can develop bladder problems if he’s not getting enough water.

(Although, again, a waterproof shampoo or cream can help too.)


An ointment.

A cat who is having a hard sleep might be particularly sensitive to the odor of ointments.

And it’s best to have a cat who has had an infection and can’t get enough water on hand to get through a night.

If the cat isn´t getting enough to drink, he might want a topical ointring, like the ones sold at pet stores.

(If you can’t find an ointing that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, try an oatmeal ointyea, which is actually a cream.)


An absorbent pad.

You will probably need at least one absorbent towel, since you’re putting your cat under pressure and you want him to be as hydrated as possible.

A pad is another way to get the cat to go to bed.

This one, too, is great for a lot more than just a hard nap.

(For example, it can help keep your cat from having a really hard night.)

5: The bath.

The bath is another time when your cat should be in bed.

If your cat doesn’t sleep in his bowl for any reason, he needs to be in the shower, too—which means you have to give him a bath. (That