Watch: Naked pregnant women are being pimped for money in Dubai


Watch: A naked pregnant woman is being pimbed for money to the tune of US$600,000 (AU$1.7 million) to the Dubai Police for having an abortion.

The pregnant woman was travelling from the UK to Dubai and was approached by a man who asked her to bring a $500 bill from the United Kingdom to pay for the procedure.

She was shocked to find the man had offered her $600, which she paid.

When she returned to Dubai the man again approached her to arrange a similar $500 payment.

Dubai Police said they received a report of a woman who was offered $600 for the abortion but was not willing to pay the money.

It is believed the man contacted a woman he met in a nightclub who then contacted him to arrange the abortion for him.

In Dubai, there is no regulation or regulation on what is considered a ‘safe’ abortion.

A woman who is unable to afford an abortion can still seek out an alternative method.

“The woman did not want to pay.

She did not even want to get a taxi to get to the clinic.

She was just happy that the money was coming,” said the police spokesman.

Women who have abortions in Dubai are not entitled to compensation for the loss of their unborn child but they can be fined or charged with ‘moral breach’ and ‘failure to provide medical assistance’.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Family Development said: “A woman who obtains an abortion in Dubai is entitled to reimbursement for her expenses including the cost of transport.

This includes the cost for accommodation, medical treatment, and any other necessary expenses.

We urge women to be aware that in Dubai there is nothing illegal about abortion.

The law provides that the mother of the fetus has the right to decide whether or not to carry it to term.

Abortion is a common procedure for many women and there is not a single law that specifically addresses the provision of abortion services.”

In a statement, the Government of Dubai said it “does not recognise the moral breach or failure to provide services for a woman’s pregnancy”.

“As the Government acknowledges the importance of safe abortion services in order to promote social cohesion and to protect public health, we are working to ensure that there is regulation and legislation to ensure safe abortion care is provided in Dubai.”

The spokesperson said the government was working with the Health Ministry to develop the laws and regulations for the safe provision of safe and legal abortion services.

A UAE Health Ministry spokesperson said: “In order to ensure a safe and appropriate provision of abortions in the UAE, a health practitioner and the medical team responsible for the delivery of the abortion must have a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

For this reason, it is important to ensure the safety of the woman and her unborn child is paramount.

If a woman does not provide her health certificate, she will be penalised.”

Dublin is the only UAE city where abortion is legal and in many cases legal abortions are performed at clinics in the city.

However, there are concerns about the impact of the recent clampdown on clinics and doctors in the capital, which has seen the number of abortions increase.

Authorities have also introduced new restrictions on women’s movements and the use of public transport in the country.

At the beginning of January, authorities announced they would shut down the Dubai Metro after an influx of passengers forced them to shut down their stations.

Meanwhile, women have been arrested for walking down Dubai’s streets naked.

While some of these women are from the west, some of the arrests have been made in the southern parts of the country where women are more likely to be targeted for their bodies.

Police said they were still investigating the circumstances of the arrest but have confirmed there are no known links between the arrests and any specific crimes.

Last month, police in the Gulf state of Kuwait arrested two young women, aged 18 and 19, for wearing their underwear around a shopping mall and walking in the streets of the Kuwaiti capital, Kuwait City.

They were arrested for allegedly walking in a public place without a permit.

Some of the women were arrested after they were spotted in a bikini on a shopping street in Kuwait City, wearing shorts and sandals, with their faces covered.

Several other women were also arrested after their bodies were found in a mass grave in the central Kuwaiti city of Al-Qahtaniyah.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health announced on Monday that a Saudi Arabian woman had died after contracting a bacterial infection during an abortion procedure.

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