Woman raped, pregnant woman vaginally raped, hospitalized in emergency room


A pregnant woman was raped by two men while she was in the back seat of a vehicle, and the pregnant woman suffered a vaginal and anal injury, authorities said Tuesday.

The Washington Post has learned that the attack occurred in a Walmart parking lot in Washington state on Jan. 19.

The woman, identified by police as the victim in the case, was sitting in a Toyota Camry with two other men, ages 24 and 27, when she was sexually assaulted, according to police and her attorney, the Post reported.

The attackers drove away in the Camry, police said.

The victim was transported to a hospital in Seattle and was treated for minor injuries.

The attack happened as the two men were in the parking lot of the Walmart where the victim was working, according, the Washington Post.

The victim was released from a local hospital Wednesday and is recovering.

Police said that the women had recently moved to the area and that the victims had a history of domestic violence.

The newspaper reported that the woman has a young child and is pregnant.