Woman who died from anorexia after losing weight gets pregnant again


A mother who lost a staggering 12 pounds after a gastric bypass surgery has given birth to a baby girl, PEOPLE confirms.

The new-born girl, named Ella, was born at the hospital on Friday, and her mother, who remains unidentified, is expecting another child soon.

Ella’s mother, Liza, had undergone gastric surgery and was diagnosed with anorexic disorder a year ago, but she’s now recovering and working full-time as a nurse.

The mother, whose full name is Liza J. Farrow, was in her 40s and a mother of five, but was still living in a “work-only” apartment.

She had no idea her daughter would be pregnant, Lizzie told PEOPLE.

“I thought, ‘I’m doing my best, but there’s a chance that she’s going to have a baby,'” Lizzi told PEOPLE, noting that she was “really proud” of her daughter.

“When you’ve been pregnant for so long and you know that you’re pregnant, it’s kind of scary.”

The mother has since lost a significant amount of weight since losing the weight and her pregnancy has become a big deal in the family.

She’s currently trying to keep up with her son’s schoolwork while she has her own business.

Ellah was born in August and weighed about 17 pounds at birth.

“There’s no way I could have known,” Lizzia said.

“It’s a miracle that Ella is healthy.

It’s a great feeling.

I just want to thank God and my family for having me, and Ella and I have our new baby girl.”

Ella has been in the care of her grandmother, Lizzy, since the surgery.

“She’s the happiest little girl I’ve ever known,” she said.

Lizzy said that her granddaughter is a natural born mother and has been very loving toward her.

“The first time I met Ella I was like, ‘Oh, she’s a super sweet baby girl,'” Lizzy told PEOPLE of Ella.

“But I’ve known her for so many years now.

She does everything she’s supposed to do.”

Ellah has since learned to sing, and is also taking ballet lessons.

“Ella has just been such a big part of her family,” Lizzy said.

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