Baby girl in hospital after ‘toxic’ delivery


A baby girl has died following a “toxic” delivery to her mother in a Perth hospital.

Key points:The baby was delivered at St Vincent’s hospital after a “very messy” delivery”The baby’s mother said she was “truly devastated” after the incidentThe baby died in intensive care on MondayThe baby is understood to be the second to die in Perth’s intensive care unit in a few monthsThe baby, born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the northern suburbs, died on Monday afternoon.

A nurse called paramedics and said the baby’s parents were “very distraught” and said they were “devastated”.”

The child was delivered by a very messy delivery.

We were very sorry and we are deeply saddened by this,” the spokeswoman said.”

It is a very difficult time for the family and the hospital staff.

“Emergency services were called to the hospital in Perth about 1:30pm (AEDT) on Monday after the child’s mother received a “loud scream” and “the baby started to cry”.

The mother said the girl’s father “went into labour” and then died shortly afterwards.”

She was very happy to have this baby,” the mother said.

The baby has been placed in the care of the St Vincent Hospital Emergency Department (SVECD).”

This is a really sad day for the hospital and a very, very traumatic experience for all of us who have worked so hard to get her to this point,” St Vincent hospital director Dr Scott Boudreaux said.

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