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— A stunning new study from the University of Alabama has revealed that the average woman in the United States has one child.

Researchers say that’s a dramatic increase from 20 years ago, when the average was about one child per couple.

“The fact that women are having so many more children, and that they are having them in the middle of a severe recession and a massive increase in births is absolutely astonishing,” said Amy Wiesner, a researcher in the UA School of Public Health.

The new findings were published online in the American Journal of Public Policy.

Wiesner said the increase in the average number of children is likely related to the fact that more women are choosing to become mothers.

While most women are still living at home with their children, women are increasingly choosing to have more children.

More than half of American women between the ages of 30 and 39 have had children, according to a study published in the journal American Journal on May 14.

For those women, that means they are more likely to be working and more likely than their peers to have a full-time job.

Women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who had babies in the previous generation, are also more likely now to have children than their predecessors.

And women who have had fewer children are less likely to have experienced economic hardship.

One of the findings in the new study is that for women between 30 and 34, the percentage of their earnings that went to housing is up by a third, to 32 percent from 22 percent.

Among those women who had no children, the housing market has been particularly hard hit.

Nearly half of women between 40 and 49 were living in poverty, compared to less than a quarter of women who married later in life, Wiesnner said.

What’s more, a greater proportion of mothers who had fewer kids are single and living with their partner.

Another finding in the study shows that more than three-quarters of women aged 50 to 54 have a child, compared with about half of those aged 55 to 64.

Some women have been delaying having children because they worry about health care costs.

They are also choosing to delay having children out of fear of financial hardship, Wieffers said.

“This is not a new trend,” Wiesners said.

“There’s a sense that women don’t want to wait too long before they have children, or that they want children in the next year, and they’re afraid of what’s going to happen if they don’t have a baby.”

For women who are planning to have another child, Wiedner said it’s important to be realistic about what they’re going to get out of having a child.

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